Birdie Cruize 4

The Birdie Cruize 4 is a rugged electric golf cart capable of transporting four passengers. It provides safe and comfortable travel for passengers while saving time and energy, all in an environmentally friendly manner. It excels in tasks where larger vehicles may face challenges in maneuverability and obstacle clearance. Depending on the application area, it can streamline workflows for users or provide a unique experience for visitors. Birdie golf carts contribute to reducing traffic congestion in congested areas or even at mass events due to their compact size, low emissions, and efficient transfer services.

Load Capacity
20-40 km/h
Public Road
80-100 km

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Birdie Cruize Presentation

Take a closer look at our personal trasportation options.

Personal transportation on the beach

Birdie Cruize ensures that beach workers can navigate the beach area efficiently and quickly for the comfort and safety of guests. Transport water, food or just beach guests, the Birdie Cruise can be an excellent choice.

A range of 100 km allows workers to actively use the electric golf cart throughout the day without the need for frequent charging, allowing them to do their work efficiently and effectively.

A Birdie Cruize Details

Birdie Cruize electric golf carts are characterized by a modern design and stylish appearance that immediately impresses the eye. The two rear seats can easily be converted into cargo space, so they perfectly adapt to the needs of the passengers.

The speed control button allows you to limit the top speed in areas where it is needed, and the LED headlights ensure excellent visibility and stylish lighting.

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