Birdie Car-GO XL

The Birdie Car-GO XL is designed to navigate easily in tight spaces and narrow pathways, making it an excellent choice for tasks where larger vehicles may struggle with fitting in and maneuvering. This can be particularly useful in crowded or restricted work environments. For tasks that involve transporting tools, equipment, or materials within a relatively small area, a golf cart with greater payload capacity and excellent transportability can be much more efficient than using larger vehicles. It reduces the need for walking back and forth, saving time and energy while allowing for the transportation of larger quantities of cargo.

Load Capacity
300 kg
Public Road
80-100 km

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Car-GO XL Details

Delivery of goods on the beach

The electric golf car ensures the employees to move efficiently and quickly in the beach area for the comfort and safety of the guests. Transport water, food or just beach guests, the Birdie Car-GO XL is a great choice.

A range of 100 km allows workers to actively use the electric golf cart throughout the day without the need for frequent charging, allowing them to do their work efficiently and effectively.

Car-GO XL Details

Every detail of the stylish Birdie Car-GO XL has been carefully designed and built to reflect quality. The sides of the tilting platform can be easily folded down with just a few movements, making packing easier and more convenient.

Golf carts equipped with a larger platform also have a higher load capacity, so their capacity meets all smaller transport needs.And the reversing camera helps with precise maneuvering and safe parking.

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