Birdie Car-GO XL Explorer

The Birdie Car-GO XL Explorer combines the best features of the extended flatbed Birdie Car-GO XL series and the off-road-oriented Birdie Explorer series. It is designed to easily navigate tight spaces and small pathways, including unpaved roads, making it well-suited for tasks where larger vehicles may struggle to maneuver. This can be particularly useful in crowded or confined work environments. For tasks that involve transporting tools, equipment, or materials within a relatively small area, a golf cart with greater cargo capacity and excellent transportability can be much more efficient than using larger vehicles. This reduces the need for back-and-forth walking, saving time and energy, while allowing it to adapt to the characteristics of various terrains and areas due to its elevated ground clearance.It’s the perfect choice for nature-rich environments or ongoing construction sites.

Seats Load Capacity Public Road Range
2 450 kg Yes 70-100 km


Public road