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Birdie Joyride 14

Budapest, World Athletics Championships
Who are we?

The successful sales of electric golf carts and utility vehicles since our founding reflect more than just business success - they show that we are committed to creating value and meeting the needs of our customers.

We started our career in 1991, when Nagy és fiai Kft. was founded. The business developed steadily and in 2006 we took the company group in a new direction under the Birdiecar brand name. The founder, László Nagy, was prepared to pass on the values he created to his two sons, who will carry them on. This vision was decisive from the very beginning, and thanks to their perseverance, our company has remained 100% owned by the family to this day.

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Electric Vehicles:
The way to innovation

At first, we dealt with electric light trucks, and with this we managed to move forward and earn our place at the forefront of the market. At that time, electric golf carts were not yet known or popular in Hungary,

but we realized that they can be used in many areas when equipped with a platform. With this, we surprised the market and successfully brought our electric vehicles and our approach to more and more places.

Today we proudly offer over 30 different electric golf and utility vehicles. We believe in innovation and the importance of continuous development.

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We don't just sell, we create value with our knowledge and ambitions.

Behind our success is a dedicated team, with whom we work every day to bring inspiring and positive changes to the lives of our customers. We have our own service center, where our qualified service team takes care of both the testing of new cars and the permanent maintenance of vehicles that have already been sold.

What really sets us apart from our competitors is that we have a constant supply available to our customers in order to avoid long waiting times.

Everyone can get to our vehicles quickly and easily, as in many cases they are available almost immediately.